It is considered as the fastest growing floor solution

 Bamboo Wood Flooring Dallas Tx: Providing Wood Flooring Which Are Tested and Proven Through Time


In the recent time, bamboo flooring is now one of the most preferred choices amongst many homeowners. This is when they are looking for a practical alternative in complimenting the interior of their homes while preserving environmental harmony. This is more because it is an eco-friendly material and provides an impressive contrast to most of their furniture and decors. Ideal for new house construction or home remodeling projects, this bamboo wood flooring dallas tx supplied material is among the best ever in the market.

What is the relationship of this flooring to the bamboo stalk materials?

When you hear about bamboo flooring, what comes to mind are the bamboo stalks used in floors? These stalks are the real bamboo just split into an inch strips and directly nailed as flowing for tropical huts. But in the real sense this is a whole different product that involves many processes before it is brought to the market.

What are the processes involved?

The bamboo grass is cultivated in tropical climate areas ideal for its growth. When these are harvested, after a period of 3 to 5 years these then undergo certain processes until the finished planks that are easy to install in homes and are the ones being brought to the market and carpet places in Frisco sold for flooring purposes. The final product is like it comes from hard wood except that it has the bamboo weave design in it.

Its features

Bamboo plank floors have varied features when compared with the conventionally installed hardwood type of flooring such as:

  • Uniquely attractive
    • Sturdier due to the additional ingredients added into it to produce such quality
    • Dimensional stability
    • Natural resistance to stains and moisture
    • Environmental friendly


With the installation alternatives of this type of flooring, it can go horizontal, vertical or diagonal with more patterns that depend on the creative mind of the home owner or the home decorator at that.