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Why Wearing a Wedding Ring is Important?

Weddings in general are very joyous and a very emotional event where two people who are very much in love with each other vow to be together for the rest of their lives and grow old with each other giving others’ a hope in finding true love with a wedding ring Sydney. But, sadly we do not see a lot of couples these days wearing their wedding rings after their wedding. They state a lot reasons like skin allergies, or due to their workplace not appreciating them wearing any jewellery, but mostly it is because they choose not to wear it and justify it with various reasons. But, wearing a ring means a lot of things that you are not aware of.

  1. The First Thing That People Notice: Contrary to the popular belief that eyes and shoes are the first thing people notice about a person, it is actually the ring on the finger that they notice. It gives them idea of your availability. It shows people your commitment to your relationship and your love your partner.
  2. Remainder of Your Partner: Several couples pass on their engagement or wedding rings to their future descendants as a blessing for their relationship with everlasting love that they had. Your ring reminds you and others of your undying love and the physical presence of the place they hold in your heart.
  3. Respect for Your Partner: A Marriage is built not only on love but also on respect, trust and honesty. It is by wearing your wedding ring always you show your respect for the relationship and the partner.
  4. Loyalty in the Relationship: Your wedding ring is your in-built defence mechanism towards your loyalty for your partner. It shows that you respect your marriage and are loyal towards them.
  5. Set a Good Example: People around you will take up your traits and behaviours and will look up to you only by how positive you are as a person. Same way, your children or cousins or nephews and nieces will see the ring on your finger and your marriage as a good example to live with.